I found Connections through a lady that was in the shelter with me. I was given a case manager who was very nice and knowledgeable. She listened to me and empowered me by helping me to form short term achievable goals. I was able to use the computers to look for a job and found a full-time job within walking distance of. Connections also assisted me in obtaining uniforms for that job. Connections helped me to get help from other agencies in the community to get urgent needs met. The staff have provided a safe place, food and water, clothing, and toiletries. Even a place to store my luggage while I went to the interview for the job I now have. I continue to meet with my case manager and I am achieving my goals. I now can see light at the end of the tunnel. Most of all Connections gave me encouragement, support, resource, and love while in a very traumatic situation. Every staff member has treated me with dignity and respect tirelessly giving of themselves. Helping to restore my belief that there is help and people who care. Without this wonderful place I would have given up but now I believe I can fly!!!