Client Stories

“I’m very thankful for Connections of Cumberland County because this agency gave me hope during my worst days. I didn’t know where my family and I where going to live. I didn’t know how I’d support my kids, pay for rent, or even how to make Christmas happen. With the help of Connections I channeled my worries into actionable plans and I am proud to say that my children and I are housed, I am employed, and we’re all doing great!

– Single Mother of 8 –

Jaime’s Story

Jaime* came to Connections in early November 2022 seeking assistance with locating new housing options. Jaime and her 5 children were housed in a home that had black mold and several ceiling leaks. Jaime filed complaints with her landlord, but eventually Jaime would be asked to vacate the premises due to nonpayment. During her final 30 days, Jaime began looking for a new home for her and her children, but found it difficult since many landlords were asking new tenants to demonstrate their income was 3x greater than the requested rental amounts. Jaime turned to Connections for help.

Connections began assisting Jaime with income-based housing referrals, but her period to vacate ended before any applications were approved. Connections had funding to assist Jaime and her children with a 30 day hotel stay. During those 30 days, Jaime worked alongside her case manager to complete her housing applications and provide all documentation required by many income-based housing providers. In December 2023, Jaime was approved for income-based housing and Connections was able to assist with move-in costs. Due to Jaime’s consistency in communication and attendance at case management meetings, Jaime was nominated to participate in the agency’s 2022 Christmas Giving program. Her participation in this program further alleviated the financial hardship she was experiencing and allowed her and her children to have a memorable Christmas in their new home. 

Jaime continues to work with Connections, attending budgeting workshops, Women’s Empowerment groups and utilizing the hygiene closet and NC Diaper Bank additional services. She and her children attend Connect to Fellowship, and when Jaime isn’t available due to work, her mother attends with her children to ensure they get to participate. She’s received referrals to partnering agencies, such as Catholic Charities and Manna Dream Center to further build her support network. She has secured childcare and began working in hospice care, a job she finds meaning in and sees as an honor because she “gets to be with families in their most challenging time.”

*Client name change to protect privacy and honor HIPPA.

Additional Success Stories