Keesha’s Story

“There are many local non-profit agencies that assist the homeless, but this one is the best. Connections is a blessing to families because they listen and reach out to connect clients to resources in the community to really help single mothers and their children.

My three kids enjoy coming to the Day Resource Center because it is a fun and a comfortable place for them. They are always given new books to read at home, new pencils for schoolwork, and snacks every time we visit. Connections was able to donate new running shoes and socks for my teenage son and I, which was very helpful since we started doing more outdoor activities during COVID-19 to stay active and not be stuck in the house.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Connections, I don’t know when or if my life would have turned around. I have been with Connections for a little over a year, and I found them when I became homeless in Fayetteville. I moved here from a rural part of North Carolina for better opportunities for myself and my kids. Once I ran out of money for hotels, I took my kids to stay with my mom about two hours away. I wanted to keep them in the Cumberland County School system, but I also wanted them to have a bed and a safe place to sleep every night. I drove two hours each way Monday thru Friday and made sure my kids were always in school on time. While they were in school, I searched for housing and employment. I also drove for Uber, anywhere between South Carolina and Virginia, to make enough money to pay for my car. I napped in my car at so many rest stops along I-95 for months. I had to keep my car to get my kids back and forth, and driving for Uber was the best way to make as much money as possible and still have the flexibility to be there for my kids every day.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Connections, I don’t know when or if my life would have turned around.

Keesha, single mother of three

I was only able to get into stable housing in Fayetteville because Connections helped pay a part of my deposit and first month’s rent. My children and I are still housed all together and in a safe neighborhood. Connections stepped in again to provide partial financial assistance with the utility bill after it skyrocketed due to my kids being home 24/7 after schools and daycares closed because of COVID-19. The entire staff has poured into my family so much in the past year with Christmas assistance beyond anything I could have expected, with Wal-Mart Gift Cards for various events and workshops my family has participated in, and by also making sure we all had masks for COVID-19. I’m considered high risk due to long term health conditions, so having masks was super critical to me being able to go to the grocery store or to go to Connections to get new books for the kids for the summer.

Connections supports you mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally and to a certain extent financially. I have grown and overcome many obstacles since being connected here. The staff is always smiling, caring, and takes time to help other families in their time of need at any time. There’s so much more I can say about this awesome agency! The staff treats you like family and I’m glad to be part of it! I’m heading towards my goal to become successful through this agency! From one mom to another, we can do it with the right community and mindset.”