Mandie’s Story

Mandie* came to Connections in December 2020 after being evicted from her home in September 2020 because she could no longer afford her rent. The eviction meant that Mandie and her sixteen year-old daughter were homeless and the two soon found themselves living in their car and motels. Mandie worked out an agreement with the motel management wherein she would clean and provide housekeeping services in exchange for her own room until she could secure more permanent housing. During her time in active case management, Mandie shared many things to include that she is a survivor of domestic violence. 

In late March 2021, Mandie came to our Day Resource Center for a follow-up with her case manager. Mandie shared that her situation largely remained unchanged and that soon she would no longer be able to work in exchange for a room. Mandie was concerned about her ability to support herself and her daughter since her only income was SSDI and food stamps. Additionally, Mandie shared that she was struggling to find stable housing because of all her past evictions.  Mandie agreed that it was time to work on her situation. In partnership with Mandie, her case manager created Mandie’s Stabilization Plan that listed her initial goals as obtaining both stable housing and a job. In June 2021, Mandie’s case management team submitted a referral to a housing management company. To apply, Mandie was required to submit social security cards as well as birth certificates; Mandie did not have these documents so her case manager assisted her with contacting the appropriate agencies for copies of each item. The case manager modeled positive interactions with each agency and guided Mandie on her communication skills. The following month, Mandie learned that her application to the housing management company was denied due to her past evictions and credit score. Her case management team encouraged Mandie to file an appeal and offered to help her with the process.

Together with her case management team, Mandie wrote a letter of appeal and the agency’s Case Management Coordinator submitted it on her behalf to a housing management company in August 2021. While awaiting the results of her appeal, Mandie and her daughter were evicted from the motel on August 18, 2021. Mandie contacted her case management team who provided her with contact information for Salvation Army, Coordinated Entry, and The Care Center. On September 2, 2021, Connections was notified that Mandie and her daughter were approved for a unit. Mandie saved enough money to pay for the rental deposit while Connections covered the utility deposit. To date, Mandie has maintained stable housing and has gone on to secure employment. 

Throughout her time in active case management, Mandie received client emails listing job opportunities as well as resume and interview workshops offered by community partners. She had several one-on-one meetings and phone calls with her case management team where they discussed hope, keeping a positive mindset, and modeled positive communication abilities. Since obtaining housing, Mandie has received a furniture voucher referral to a partnering agency and has kept in touch with the case management team at Connections. Now that Mandie has secured stable housing and is maintaining employment, her next goal is to attend our agency’s Women’s Empowerment Groups.

Through our agency’s comprehensive case management, Mandie maintained custody of her daughter even through housing transitions, successfully appealed her denied housing application, secured stable housing, saved and paid for her own rental deposit, and secured a job. Her case management team supported her during each stage, waited for her to decide when she was ready to work on her circumstances, modeled positive communications with other agencies, and has remained in touch with the client.

*Name changed to ensure client privacy and to honor HIPAA.