CITYVIEW MAGAZINE: Making Vital Connections for Homeless Women and Children

Check out CITYVIEW MAGAZINE’s latest issue to learn more about what goes on at Connections’ Day Resource Center!  

“We all look to connect to something, or to someone, these days. A connection can be who you are related to or who you know, a union of ideas, or even the way two things join together in a continuous manner. This all comes to mind when stepping into Connections of Cumberland County (CCC), a nonprofit day resource center for homeless women and children in Fayetteville that helps to make important connections occur every day.

At Connections, women and children who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless are on the receiving end of life-changing links to everyday necessities and vital community resources. This can include connections to food, shelter, transportation, employment, mental health services, and more.

It all started as a result of research conducted by the Women’s Giving Circle of Cumberland County on the basic needs of local women and children.”